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Birthing Starter Kits

These birthing starter kits are designed to get moms-to-be ready for delivery. The kits are made for labour and delivery preparation and the first couple of days of post delivery. 


What’s included in the kits:

2 blue pads

2 pull up underwear

1 mesh underwear

A pack of lip balm

1 Frida instant ice maxi pad

2 baby diapers

1 package of wipes

1 bar of soap

1 peri bottle

1 luffa

1 non slip socks

The community has graciously donated handouts of their services to be added to the bag for families to be aware of the resources in the community.

Tote bag and kit is $50

Please message me to purchase one!!

Instagram: @nurse_onfireclasses  OR  


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