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Mental Health Support

Amber Sperling - Psychotherapist

Are you struggling with a transition in your life: a new baby, a difficult relationship or something else that feels out of your control? 

It is common for new parents to experience mood and anxiety changes through the perinatal period. Many people question, “am I good enough” or “what am I doing wrong.” We are honoured when working with new parents in the postpartum period to normalize, validate and provide support in this new stage in their lives. 

In therapy, you will have the space to feel heard, move through emotions safely, all while gaining new tools to confidently manage the difficult emotions that will surface in the future.

Michelle Farrow - Psychotherapy

I offers mom coaching and solutions focused mindset approach. I uses EMDR in my work to help you improve the way you show up in the world and help you on the path to being your best self. My goal is to help you heal, and uncover your true potential by improving your confidence and instilling a higher level of self-awareness.   I offer individual counselling for adults with concerns that may include trauma, perinatal, postpartum, and infertility, depression and anxiety.

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative

Our mission at the CPMHC is to lobby the federal government to create a national perinatal mental health strategy that will provide direction, policy, and funding for improvements to perinatal mental health care including universal screening and timely access to treatment for all individuals during preconception, pregnancy and the postpartum periods.

Bridget's Bunnies

Bridget's  Bunnies to ensure no one endures pregnancy or infant loss alone. We attempt this through our comfort kit program. Comfort kits are provided to parents in their moment of crisis in healthcare settings following the loss of a pregnancy or death of an infant. Comfort kits are also available on demand via our website for those who receive care elsewhere. 

They also offer a community celebration of love for these babies and their families each October through Bridget’s Run. Visit for information on our comfort kit program or Bridget’s Run.

Grace North Psychotherapy

We are a team of dedicated Registered Social Workers who are committed to creating a welcoming, supportive, and compassionate environment for all people seeking support and guidance within their livesWe provide a variety of services to support your mental health and wellbeing. Services are offered to children, youth and adults.

Kelly Hoskin Psychotherapy

Kelly Hoskin BSW, RSW is a social worker and psychotherapist supporting teenagers and adults. We all face challenges in our lives, such as anxiety, depression, grief, and stress, and Kelly can help guide you through processing feelings and re-connecting with your inner strengths. Kelly welcomes people from all walks of life and fosters a compassionate and non-judgmental space.

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